Vacant Property Woes
Secure property from vandals targeting
copper pipes, fixtures, solid wood doors,
wiring, and even the furnace.
Affordable Do-it-Yourself Security Systems using
GSM Technology to Protect Your Home and Property
Wireless Alarm Solutions

What's New?
Wireless GSM Camera Alarm System

Key features:
No hard-wired phone lines; uses SIM card technology
No monthly monitoring fee; pay-as-you-use
Quick to install, flexible and mobile
Easy to tailor with additional sensors and remotes
Inexpensive yet versatile solutions
Business Overview

We provide affordable wireless alarm products to secure personal property.

Our systems can be tailored to suit your specific needs.  Whether you need to
monitor one room or an entire residence, an attached garage or a nearby
outbuilding, a vacant rental property or your own residence - Let us help you
customize a wireless alarm package to address your security needs.
Who We Are

We are rental property owners that needed to find creative ways to
secure our units between tenants, and doing so on a budget.  We
knew that the wireless alarm solutions we are now using could help
others in that same way we have benefited.  Learn more at               
About Us."  
Wireless Alarm Solutions
GSM Wireless Alarm System
Vacant property copper pipe theft
GSM Wireless technology
allows you to use any active
cellular SIM card.  No Phone
lines needed. Easy to install
and program. Sends alarm by
SMS text or standard phone.
GSM Wireless Camera Alarm
Infrared motion-activated camera
Image sent to cell phone or e-mail
Pictures captured via remote text
Real-time audio capability
Protect  your investment
property between tenants